Around the World provides reliable and high quality service at competitive cost. We have initiated a system where all clients’ information as well as staff are being monitored and followed to guarantee all of the work is done as scheduled.

We provide all sorts of PRO services including local sponsorships & business registrations (Licensing, Renewals, Expiries…) to establishment, branches, LLCs to: Foreign Investors, Local and International Companies
Ministry of Labor

- Labor Cards (Issuance & cancellations)
- Labor Contract (Issuance & cancellation)
- Organizational Cards
- Work Permits
- Transactions Guarantees
- Fee Payments

Abu Dhabi Food Control

- Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority Certificates
- Food Safety testing Application
- Material & Food Export Certificates
- Food Distribution & Transportation Licensing
- Food Destruction Certificates
- Replacement of Lost Certificates

Foreign Affairs Services

- Authentication
- Embassy Legalization
- Apostille
- PCC attestation UAE

Abu Dhabi Distribution

- Bill Payments
- Water & electricity Meter Applications, Terminations & Amendments

Health Insurance

- Medical Test Application
- Registration/ Renewals of Staff Documents


- Visa Processing
- Visa Renewal
- Visa Cancellation

Ministry of Defense

- Fire Prevention Certificates

Abu Dhabi Post

- P.O Box Registration & Renewal

Other Services

- Emirates ID (Issuance, Renewal, Cancellation)
- Accommodations for employees and labors.
- Sponsorships for staff and their families.
- Airport pick up and arrival
- Corporate, Employees Insurance at the minimum market cost.
- Certificates Verification
- Drop Off documents at your convenience.
- Housemaid Services

Traffic Department

- Vehicle Registration
- Vehicle Insurance
- Vehicle License (Issuance, renewals, Cancellation)
- Traffic License Management (Issuance, renewals, cancellations)
- Fine Payments

Emirates Etisalat

- Registrations
- Renewals
- Cancellations

Couturier Service Packages

- Our PRO teams are and will be On-Call for any On-Time Documents and applications. Around The World provides you with all kinds of services that will suit your needs and desire.

Department of Economic Development

- Project Establishment
- Trade Name Registration
- Trade License Amendments
- Trade License Renewals, Cancellations, & Issuance
- Commercial License (Issuance, Renewal, Cancellation).

Department of Naturalization & Residency

- Obtaining Approvals
- Issue IMG Card
- Residence Visas (Issuance, Renewal, Cancellation)
- Tourist Visa (Issuance, Renewal, Cancellation)
- Entry Permits
- Enterprise Applications
- Penalties ( Entry Fines, Residency Fines)

Business & Management Consultancy

- Company Formation Forms
- Business Performance Assessments
- Management Performance Improvements
- Logistics Support
- Business Partnerships
- Local Sponsorships & Local Agents
- Hospitality
- Venues Reservations
- Trade Mark & logo Registration
- Legal Consultancy
- IT Security
- Marketing Consultancy & services

Department of Municipal Affairs

- Supplier Registration
- Tender Registration
- Site Plan Extraction
- Renewals

Abu Dhabi Chamber of Commerce & Industry

- Membership (Issuance, renewals, Cancellation)