About Us

Established in 2005, Around the World is a genuine Emirati company

And one of the fastest growing businesses in the servicing industry across the region. Transparency, trust and agility are at the heart of our corporate values, founding solid grounds for us to reach for highest levels of customer service.

Earning the trust of our clients has been our top priority over the past decade; we will always be devoted to live-up to our reputation, and provide you the best, most comprehensive range of services the industry has to offer.

Our wide range of services include PRO work, local documents clearings, delivery of all types of applications and documents, and much more. An important aspect of our business is keeping you updated persistently; we firmly understand that time is the most critical element of your business, thus we keep you versed throughout the entire process using the best technology there is.

Our team is always a phone-call away to answer your questions and address your needs. Simply put, we strive for your satisfaction.

We’ve developed, throughout our many years of experience in the region, effective processes that ensure best turnaround on time. That’s our promise. Our databases are constantly updated, and we always remind you of important dates in advance.


We’re Professional Service providers. Let’s Solve Your Business Needs Right Now!

Our Vision

We are dedicated to providing you with best time and cost- effective solutions, ensuring agility and sufficiency, and exceeding your expectations at every level.

Our Mission

To become the leader business services company in the region.

Our Staff

Our strategy can never materialize without the essential element of any business People.

With that in mind, our staff is experienced, trained,highly qualified and professional — qualities that assure our commitment to exceed your expectations. Our employees have the market know-how, and will always be happy to give advice, explain procedures,answer questions, and assist in any way.


Focus on customer success

Customers are at the center of everything we do.

Win as a team

We’re stronger together.

Aim high and deliver

We’re responsible for the right results.

Make it better

We are committed to continuous improvement and innovation.