We take upon our responsibility to manage all governmental procedures: Ministry of Labor,  Abu Dhabi Chamber of Commerce, Department of Municipal Affairs,  Licensing & Traffic Department,  Abu Dhabi Post,  Embassy Visa Services,  Abu Dhabi Distribution Company,  and many other organizations.

In our world, time is a determining element. Therefore, our services are delivered on deadlines and with reasonable rates. We guarantee our fees are highly competitive,  and we do offer discounted rates for our retained clients.

We serve foreign investors, local,  regional and international companies alike. Our services cover processes related to the following government authorities and departments:


Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization

Labor Cards

issuance & cancellations

Labor Contract

Issuance & cancellation

Work Permits Transactions

Bank guarantees

Department of Economic Development

Trade name registration

Trade License

Renewal, Cancellation, & Issuance

Trade License Amendment

Commercial License

Issuance, Renewal, Cancellation


Foreign Affairs Services


Embassy Legalization


Department of Naturalization & Residency

Residence Visas

Issuance, Renewal, Cancellation

Tourist Visa

Issuance, Renewal, Cancellation

Entry Permits


Entry Fines,Residency Fines approvals

Abu Dhabi Chamber of Commerce & Industry


Issuance, renewals, Cancellation

Business & Management Consultancy

Company Formation

Business Performance Assessments

Management Performance Improvements

Logistics Support

Business Partnerships

Local Sponsorships & Local Agents


Venues Reservations

Trade Mark & Logo Registration

Legal Consultancy

IT Security

Marketing Consultancy& services


Department of Municipal Affairs

Supplier Registration

Tender Registration

Site Plan Extraction



Ministry Of Defense

Fire Prevention


Medical Test Application

Registration/ Renewal of Staff Documents

Abu Dhabi Post

P.O Box Registration & Renewal







Visa Processing

Visa Renewal

Visa Cancellation


Courier Service Packages

Courier Service Packages

Abu Dhabi Food Control

Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority Certificate

Food Safety testing Application

Material & Food Export Certificate

Food Distribution &Transportation Licensing

Food Destruction Certificate

Replacement of Lost Certificate


Other Services

Emirates ID

Issuance, Renewal, replacement

Accommodation for employees and labors.

Airport pick up and arrival

Corporate, Employees Insurance at the minimum market cost.

Certificate Verification

Drop Off documents at your convenience.

Housemaid Services

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